Foundations Of Meet My Network

There are some real problems today with traditional business networking... it's hard to know where to start.
FYI... There Is Nothing On This Site To Sell You

Networking Groups:
We show up at various networking groups, the free one's and the paid membership groups.
In both cases, we continually, over and over again give our little pitch, to mostly the same people, hoping and praying they will refer us to others during their day to day activities. Truth is, everyone else is still "Out For Themselves"... it's human nature, and it's no one's real fault.  The critical factor, is we have to choose to care about the other person.  If they don't really care about you, do you really expect them to network for you? Choosing to care, requires a response and an effort, most are unwilling to give.  Bottom line is, much of your networking activity becomes a social event... that costs you more than you will earn.

The Realization:
    Networking is significantly about discovering and creating relationships and alliances between individuals and groups of people that will lead to
    increased sales and productivity for everyone through those alliances and relationships. As long as your networking efforts are all about you,
    every sale you make will be completely dependent on you and your efforts alone!  Is that what you want?

A Remedy:
Create your own custom and private... invitation only networking group with people whom you already care about and they care about you!
   Use the other groups for your "Shotgun" approach to business networking.  Please download our Business Networking Manifesto and the
   Blogger Networking Formula  I am always here to help you!


Actually Connecting People to One Another:
Clearly, some people are much better at this than others...
Mostly however, it is by accident, someone happens to ask the right question to spark a connection.
Tell me who can ask enough of the right questions of anyone, to connect them with the right person in your network?
Many people carry around little business card books with the business cards of their network or people they know... Then they guard them with their life!

The Remedy:
   Share your entire "trusted" network with people you want to help, it may push the right button for two people.
   You do know who you Know, Like and Trust... Don't You?

The How To: 
   It's easier than you think, the hard part is deciding who you really know like and trust...
   Create a free and simple web site of your own... Everyone should have their own personal web site today...  It's free and easy!
   On that web site, have an introductions, or a contacts page.  Or call it your "Know, Like and Trust Network"  It should also include service
   providers whom you prefer, and it should especially include people you wish to network for and who you want to be networking for you.

   Share this page with everyone..., especially your friends who do not network, those who simply go to work every day.   They will appreciate it.
   The Free Web Site Builder 
   Here are my two examples, all accomplished at zero cost (except for one domain)


Sharing You:
   How easy is it for you to assemble the information for any one person, then to share that contact information with someone else?
   For so many people, to do so requires an effort to find the information, then to type it out in an email... hence, often it does not get done.
   To maintain contact information of the people in your network and people you know, requires effort and work, that many refuse to do...
   It's called Contact Management. When you mention contact management to people they cringe at the thought. That should tell you something!
So... Do It For Them

   Prepare your own portable Contact / Referral Card in Microsoft Word... Save It As A PDF.
   Send it to people and ask them to keep it on file that they may easily refer you to others.  If you care enough about someone else, either maintain
   their contact information in a way you can find it.. and share it, or ask them to make a contact / referral card for you to keep and share...
   it's pretty easy actually!  Be prepared to share...

2 Examples: Microsoft Word Into PDF   Another One... A Little More Robust 
                    I can show you how to do this if you like...


How Easy Is It For Others To Know Who You Really Are... And To Actually Reach You?
The real you is hiding from the the people you meet behind a pretty web site... Today, it's really easy for you to express yourself on the internet.
You are inadvertently hiding from others behind your answering machine and "busyness".

   Put a simple introduction video of yourself on your web site.  It's easy, and it does not have to be a major production... it just has to be you!
   Answer your phone... or return all calls... or indicate how and when people can reach you... Make It Easy... Or you are just shooting
   yourself in the foot so-to-speak.


How Easy Is It For Others To Know You Can Do What You Say You Can Do?
Truly, it is easy to pass names around, but is someone really who they say they are?  Can you really stand behind the person you are suggesting... can people really know you can produce?  Is there anyone who can vouch for you, and are you ready to produce that endorsement?

   Get testimonials and recommendations on your web site in some way.  Audio is great.  If you can't do that, then get a free web site, put your name
   on it and add written, audio or video testimonials there.  All it takes is a little effort and it will help keep the door open to you.  It's not that hard!

   If you have reviews, add them to your free web site...


Do You Really Know... Who You Really Know, Like And Trust?
Have you made a list (besides in your mind) of who you really can confidently refer to others, and who you want to refer to others?
Chances are, if you tried to make a list, it would be very difficult, and much smaller than you may think, because there is not enough relationship
building going on. Here's the thing, if you don't know who they are... how can you be deliberate in sharing and referring them? They Are Counting On You!

   Figure It Out... Make A List with full contact information... and share them with others... ALWAYS!
   Put them on your free web site as mentioned above.  Tell those people they are on your list and that you are sharing them around.
   They may just do the same thing for you.


Then There Is Social Networking
   Truly, I do know the value of Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo and the others...
   And I do like the connectivity in these platforms...
   Here's The Problem... We have "Friends" we do not even know...  What's wrong with that picture?
   We are asked to "Like" something or someone... Just Because...  What good does that do anyone... will you vouch for them?
   It has become a substitute for real "Face to Face" conversation and relationship building.
   Facebook has become another "Advertising Venue", rather than a simple social network of "REAL FRIENDS"
   How many of your friends are imaginary...?
   How many times have you actually talked to your Facebook friends? ... All Of Them?


My Two Cents Worth :)
How To Cover More Ground In Less Time And Far Less Money... Actually For Free!

   A web cam and a face-to-face video "Real Time" conversation is the Next Best Thing To Being There...
   There are a number of ways this can be done... Get more done... in less time... with less effort... and far less money.
   Just Make A Video Appointment... This is the 21st Century!  Unless you just love wasting time on the road at over $3.00 per gallon!

Here are a few video conversation providers which are free and fairly easy     and your FaceBook video platform
   Need help with these... just call me...
   A wise man once said... : "Figure It Out!"
   Download My Document On Preparing For Live Real Time Video Communication